The Support to Research Dissemination in Local and International Platforms or RDLIP is one of the three components of the new project of the National Research Council of the Philippines titled, Basic Research Information Translation for Empowerment in the Regions Program or BRITER. This project promotes a science culture in the regions for global competitiveness. The RDLIP component gives researchers an opportunity to present their research results locally or abroad and to publish research papers in ISI or Scopus indexed journals.

Paper Presentation in Local and International Conferences (Online, Hybrid, or Onsite)
(April 1 - 30, 2022)

Local and international conferences offer an excellent opportunity for disseminating research results. It also provides opportunity to NRCP-member researchers to be updated on the latest developments in their fields of specialization and lead to the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships with local and international researchers.

This grant is open to all NRCP Members who wish to avail the support to scientific research dissemination in local and international conferences/workshops/fora to present research outputs which are aligned to the NRCP National Integrated Basic Research Agenda (NIBRA). The projects may either be supported by NRCP, other DOST councils, or their respective institutions. Preference is given to members coming from new partner institutions and to those who are up-and-coming and are still developing their professional career. The review process of application is merit-based.

1. Conforme signed by all the authors/members of the research team (For fresh graduates with 1-3 members, a conforme from the adviser is needed)
2. Abstract (with NRCP Affiliation)
3. Letter of invitation and letter of acceptance from the conference organizer
4. Conference Program (with NRCP Affiliation), If available

Please read the Guidelines and Requirements for Financial Grant for Paper Presentation in Local and International Conferences

Publication in ISI and Scopus indexed journals
(February 15 to April 30, 2022)

The RDLIP Publication grant of NRCP provides financial support for the publication of research papers in journals that are indexed by SCOPUS, Clarivate, or Thomson Reuters. All NRCP Members are encouraged to apply for this grant. Preference is given to new members of NRCP, those who come from new partner institutions, and up-and-coming researchers, especially those who are in the process of developing and establishing their professional career in research. The review process is merit-based.

1. Applicants must submit the following:
(i) Certification from the immediate supervisor that the applicant has not received a similar publication grant from other agencies, or Oath of Undertaking that the author has not received any similar publication support
(ii) Conforme signed by all the authors, if applicable.
2. Applicants must include NRCP as one of their affiliations in the abstracts/publication AND/OR acknowledgement of NRCP in the paper (whichever is applicable) Example of NRCP Affiliation: Juan A. Dela Cruz, Ph.D. Biology Department, Saint Paul University Regular Member, Biological Sciences Division, National Research Council of the Philippines
3. Letter of acceptance from the publisher

Please read the Guidelines and Requirements for Financial Grant for Publication in ISI and Scopus Indexed Journals

Deadline of application: 14 Jul 2022