A repository of information of Filipino researchers, engineers, scientists and authors of scientific publications and basic researches in the Philippines, NRCP Research Journal publications, research-based policies, monographs, abstracts of terminal reports of completed researches, proceedings, books, annual reports, press releases and abstracts of theses/dissertations.


For the first call, NRCP accepts membership applications until 20 July 2022 only. The next call will be on 1 October to 26 November 2022. For inquiries, please email nrcpinfo@nrcp.dost.gov.ph.

Membership Information System (MemIS)

A repository of profile of Filipino researchers, scholars, scientists and engineers.

Basic Research Information System (BRIS)

A repository of basic researches funded by the NRCP.

NRCP Library Management System (LMS)

A repository of terminal reports of research projects funded by the NRCP, policy briefs, monographs, press releases, proceedings, theses, dissertations, books, news clippings, proceedings, annual reports and other resources.

NRCP Research Journal (eJournal)

An online publication of research results from the research projects funded by the NRCP.

NRCP Expert Engagement Program (NEEP)

An online system that caters the requests of clients and stakeholders in various forms of knowledge transfer, expert and advisorial services by engaging NRCP members as experts

One Expert (1E)

An interactive web-based nationwide pool of S&T experts intended to provide technical advise and consultancy services to Filipinos anywhere they are in the Philippines.