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This CoVid 19 monitoring tool was developed by NRCP Researcher, Dr. Jomar F. Rabajante from an NRCP funded project under the program KTOP Covid 19 (Kapakanan ng Tao sa Oras ng Pandemiya).

It is a graphical user interface that provides at-a-glance views of the number of CoVid 19 cases or progress report across the National and Local Government Units, Regional, Provincial, Municipality, Barangay.


  • A user-friendly tool that gives visual presentation of the number of CoVid 19 Cases
  • Provides visual presentation of the severity of infection.
  • Provides guidance in identifying and addressing the negative trends of CoVid 19 cases.
  • Generates and present detailed reports of CoVid 19 cases and showing new trends.
  • Allows LGU Managers to make more informed decisions based on collected CoVid 19 intelligence/information.
  • NRCP CCMon Clickable icons save time compared to analyzing individual reports submitted by various LGU departments tasked to monitor CoVid 19 cases.
  • Enhances consolidated reporting into one location/office.
  • Available on mobile devices to quickly access metrics.
  • Although the data sources are from LGUs, the data in the NRCP CCMon are DOH-verified data.
  • The LGU will have information on the status and severity of the CoVid 19 Cases of their neighboring cities, municipalities, provinces, regions, and across the country. As such, the data may help craft local policies of whom to allow and not allow access to their respective localities.

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